About Hurd Builders

In 2000, Hurd Builders, LLC opened its’ doors with a simple business philosophy; to provide personalized residential design/build services to home buyers stuck in a sea of production builders. Hurd Builders embarked on a course to become a “boutique” builder, focusing on innovative designs which accommodate women’s needs and desires for her new home.  We became a business that not only allowed women (and men) the latitude to design their own home, but a business that thrives in that creative environment.

The Hurds understand that true custom home building does not necessarily have to be more expensive than the new home products delivered by big builders.  Innovative and cost efficient home design just takes more time, effort, and thoughtfulness than most other builders are willing or able to expend.  It takes more commitment as well. That commitment is what seperates Hurd Builders from the competition.

Melody and Russell Hurd are co-owners of Hurd Builders, LLC, a new home building company, and Hurd Builders Specialty Projects, LLC, a home improvement firm. Both Mel and Russ enjoy vast home building business experience. Each of them bring extensive complementing backgrounds that include working with merchant and custom builders. After working in the construction industry for 14 years, they recognized the unfulfilled “boutique builder niche” in the home building marketplace which they targeted and formed their business.

In 2015 Russ and Melody joined the Frederick County Building Industry Association (FCBIA). The FCBIA recently recognized Hurd Builders with two Awards of Excellence in Custom Home Building categories.

About Melody

Melody’s professional history includes positions as Vice President of Purchasing, Operations Manager, and Accounting Supervisor for regional and national companies. As a proprietor of Hurd Builders, Mel has refined the process of outfitting homes with her clients. She has created a manageable step-by-step approach to the selections process, a process many people find intimidating.  A number of client have commented that she has actually made a daunting task fun!

Mel Hurd brings a unique service and value to her customers. She provides a woman’s perspective to the project based in her diversified background of building experiences.  Mel works with every client throughout the building process. She ensures a smooth flow of information as well as a clear accounting of costs and expenditures. Few builders (even nationally) can boast having a talented woman in a management position with the years of experience and knowledge which Hurd Builders enjoys with Melody at the helm.

About Russ

Russ Hurd also has a varied management background in the building industry. He has directed land development and managed home building companies for other firms. Russ has extensive experience in site and home construction, as well as other field-related activities. In the past, he managed multi-million dollar infrastructure projects throughout mid-Maryland and Massachusetts.

Russ built one of the first award-winning houses for the Home Builders Association of Maryland’s “Dream Homes” program in the early 1990’s. He also served on the Land Development Council of Howard County for the same association.