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Building a home was NEVER on my bucket list of things I had or even wanted to do.  But you, Mel and Russ, actually made it a pleasant experience!  You nudged a little when needed, but never harassed.  You suggested, but never demanded.  You stood by your work throughout and made sure we were satisfied and happy!

I loved when I asked if I could have a kitchen counter to work at that actually fits me, you said, why not?  And now, I love it!  I loved when I asked for lots of light, you came up with the most beautiful, big windows so that every day I feel I’m half inside and half outside, just like I like.  I loved that when I asked for lots of built-ins, you said, “Sure”, and made it happen.  Now, even though our clutter habits haven’t changed, I have lots of places to hide things!  There are so many of those “I loved’s”!  When I described what I wanted things to feel like, you listened and did your best to create that for us. I loved that every step of the way, you tried to give us just what we were asking for, without breaking the budget.

Everyday, I wake up and love living here.  I feel so blessed to have our home, and I thank you both for making it possible.

You two are a great team who take pride in and stand by your work.  I am so happy to have met you.

Best regards and hoping things are going well in your world. 

Kathy Talbott

We are writing this letter to recommend Russ and Melody Hurd as builders.  We have known them for just over two years and met them after having had an unpleasant experience with another builder.  Following our negative experience, we interviewed several new prospects including the Hurds who were recommended to us because they had built the home next door to our new property, and the owners had a good experience, trusted the Hurds, and were happy with the building experience and their new home.  Following a positive interview we also inspected other examples of their work and were impressed with the quality.

My wife, Kathy, was especially happy to have Melody Hurd’s professional experience, insight, suggestions, and camaraderie to help her navigate the intricate world of fixtures, tiles, floorings, lighting, etc., the myriad world of decisions that must be dealt with in planning a new home from scratch.  We both felt the Hurds gave us trustworthy, friendly, and helpful advice during the building process.  They also promised to do their best to see that we were happy with the resulting product, our new home, and they lived up to that promise.

During the building process, if we ever had questions, Russ and Melody were accessible and helpful in answering our inquiries as well as following up with any necessary adjustments.  After moving into our new home, they were still available to help us get settled and learn the details of caring for our home.  They continued to care about our experience and helped out when necessary to make any corrections, including a one year assessment and adjustments to the existing structure.

We have lived in our new home for a full year and a half and are very happy.  We count the Hurds as friends and happily recommend them to you as builders.  They work closely with their clients and are not satisfied until the clients are satisfied.  What more can I say?

Toby Towson

Dear Mel and Russ,

Thank you so much for building us a beautiful home that our family will enjoy for many years to come! Your personal touch is felt throughout.  It has been a great pleasure working with you & Hurd Builders!  You made all our dreams come true!


Aurelia, Anvar, Yusuf & Sofia



After a few failed attempts with other local contractors, we saw Hurd Builders banner at the local high school’s stadium, and decided to contact them for a free consultation. Thankfully, Melody rescued our email from her spam/junk folder, and was eager to meet with us and help design our renovation project. While we didn’t have Hurd build us a new big and fancy dream home, they did, however, freshen up our old house beyond our expectations. Our carport was transformed into a great mudroom and the new spacious 2 car garage put the finishing touches on our home. They steered us through the whole renovation process and provided guidance on financing our project through a local lender. There were no hidden charges or cost overruns like we’ve heard others experiencing with their builders. Throughout the course of the construction, Russ was onsite daily to oversee the subcontractors, resolve any problems quickly, and keep us informed of the progress and schedule. All of their subcontractors were outstanding and highly skilled professionals who took pride in their work and left the worksite clean and tidy. The husband and wife team of Russ and Melody were experienced professionals, and fun and caring individuals who exceeded our expectations. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Russ and Melody and actually miss them stopping by checking on things, and socializing with their crews. We highly recommend Hurd Builders for any and all home construction and renovation projects.

Jim & Lori M.Myersville, MD

We are pleased to add our endorsement of Hurd Builders to the many other satisfied homeowners that have utilized their services.  A real benefit is that Hurd Builders is a husband-wife team, so 2 professionals are on-call to listen, create and execute throughout the building process.   Moreover, each partner’s skills, experience and areas of special knowledge complements the other’s.  Melody and Russ work very hard to make every project proceed smoothly and without delay to create the exact home that the client desires.

Susan & David W.

It is my pleasure to write this letter of reference for Hurd Builders.  This was our first new home construction experience, and we were looking for a custom builder that could see our vision and meet our expectations.  Mel and Russ were wonderful to work with, and gave us very good advice at several decision points; many of which saved on costs and still delivered everything we wanted in design and function. I recommend them to anyone who is thinking of building their dream home.

Diane Reinertson

We were clients of Hurd Builders and would recommend them to anyone that was looking for a well built home. This was our first time with a true custom builder. We had our guard up for what we thought would be the same bad experience we had with our previous builder. Dealing with our previous builder who stated that he was a custom builder and would build a house anyway we wanted it. First of all we never met the builder personally and when it was requested by us and others in the community to meet with him he refused instead we met with a sales representative. Every time we wanted to change or move anything we were told that they could not do this or that. We hired an independent inspector who found several building errors (to include not having the correct support beams in place) things that should have not even passed code. Should we say it was a complete nightmare?

Instead it turned out to be the most exciting and educating experience we could have ever hoped for. First of all it was awesome to be able to meet with the builders Melody and Russell Hurd. They were both very honest with us and stuck to their word. They spent a lot of thought and care into making sure we got the product that we truly wanted. They kept us informed on each stage of the project daily. They addressed our concerns immediately with no delay. We had the same Home inspector which is a retired builder himself come to inspect the house. His exact words to us were “This is rare, they don’t build homes with this type of quality anymore”. We spoke with all the subcontractors thru the building process and they all said that this is the only builder that they would have if they had to build a house because Russell and Melody care about their product. To add you could tell that these same contractors took pride in their work.

Monique and Suzanne

Dear Russ and Mel,

I can’t believe it has been just over a year since we have moved into our new home. I have been meaning to write you a note since last April and am sorry it took me so long to tell you just how pleased we are with our home. This is probably a huge understatement since the home, as the end product, is only a portion of the entire process.

When Bob and I decided to have a home built, we knew a lot of builders between us. With his contacts as a building products supplier and mine as a Realtor, you would think choosing a builder would have been an easy thing. After lots of discussion, we agreed that of all the builders we worked with, we were not impressed with any of them enough to want them to build our home. When a coworker suggested we speak with Hurd Builders, we were certainly willing to at least have a conversation.

The day the two of you met us at our home site to look at the land, get a feel for each other, and talk about our plans, we immediately knew we had found a perfect match. The working relationship we created together was such a wonderful experience that I would honestly love to build another home with you. The only problem is the home you already built for us is so lovely we would really have a tough time leaving it.

We have such a tremendous amount of respect for the two of you and the manner in which you run your business. The process was a learning experience for my husband and I, and your patience throughout is to be commended. We believe you listened to us very well from the beginning and guided us right to the end of the project. You showed us a better way to do things at times and were so willing to consider alternatives at others.

Should you ever need us to provide any type of reference for you, please be sure to let us know. As we have told you before, you are also welcome to show our home to any of your clients, or prospective clients.

Robert and Karen Abbamonte

When my wife and I were looking to move, we never thought a custom built home was in our future. After going through the same model after model home, we stumbled across a lot and house package by Hurd Builders. We called and could not believe the price was comparable to all the mass builders. The Hurd’s took the time and explained the whole building process in detail.

Mel and Russ Hurd encouraged us to be involved in the entire construction process. They met with us at their design center to review and share information. This process, in turn, gave us the confidence and knowledge of our home through the whole construction. They incorporated our lifestyle and built a house around it.

After two years we are extremely satisfied with the quality of our house. We would recommend Hurd Builders to build the home of your dreams. And in return, you will gain the friendship of two wonderful people!


We are very fortunate to have had Hurd builders, LLC build our home. We owned our own lot, but were clueless on the whole building process. Russ and Mel were very professional and very helpful. They took our hands and graciously walked us through the whole process. We were encouraged to be involved during the construction process. It was exciting to see our house being built on a set and strict time schedule. We were always informed of what was happening next, so we wouldn’t miss being there to take pictures. It was so nice to feel so welcomed at the construction site.

Hurd builders, LLC have a reliable, neat, and respectful group of subcontractors that take pride in their own work and it shows. They also have a wonderful helper, Jeanette, in their office. With a great team effort, wonderful communication, friendly attitudes, and a willingness to return calls in a timely manner, we always got our questions answered quickly.

Thanks to Hurd builders, LLC we have the home of our dreams and would recommend them to build your dream home. Our home fits our needs as well as our budget thanks to Russ and Mel. We truly got a two for one deal; a wonderful building experience and gained a friendship that will last forever.

Many Thanks,

Herb and Nancy
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